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Posted By: andrewboyd
Date Posted: 18 Nov 2020 at 7:18pm

I am having a crazy repair quote at the moment for exhaust manifolds and cats for my E46. I also need 6 of these INJECTION VALVE BOSCH -ALT and i want to try and find where i can buy some or get recon ones. 

I hope someone can help me.

Many thanks.


Andrew Boyd

Posted By: NickDE
Date Posted: 19 Nov 2020 at 6:43pm
Try Nick Jupp German Car Spares

Darkness gone, Tronic gone, go Darknes2, go Frozen, go Solo, go The Vibrator

Posted By: Mike Fishwick
Date Posted: 21 Nov 2020 at 5:10pm
I do wish you would tell us more about your problem - it makes interesting reading if nothing else!   Who told you that you needed to replace everything, and why?  Which engine do you have?  What kind of running does the car have?  How many miles has your car covered?  Have the Lambda probes ever been cleaned?

Wholesale replacement of the catalytic converters and injectors sounds like guesswork by someone who is not going to pay for it - the type of comment offerred by an unscrupuous or unknowledgeable mechanic, which should not be treated as gospel.

Assuming that your car has failed its MoT, have you tried having an emission test by a different tester - and are you sure that the engine was hot when tested?  In the UK my 2.8 Z3 was always 'tested' by a BMW dealer, and always had exactly double the CO level at every test - EXACTLY - this is more than coincidence . . .

Since moving to France the CO level has been tested by two different stations, and has always been between zero and 0.01 % - draw your own conclusions! It is not an offence to over-state the CO level, but it makes money if you replace the cats, and in your case the manifolds too!

By 'Injection valve' do you mean the injectors - it sounds like BMW pseudo techospeak.  If so, a decent specialist will be able to test them for spray pattern and flow rate.  If any of them are faulty, cleaning the nozzle area can make a big difference, and should be a routine procedure, particularly if you are using 95 octane fuel. 

Regular use of a fuel system cleaner can make a big difference -  with lots of use in Golf GTIs and the Z3 I have never had any problems, whereas I used to remove quite a bit of carbon from the nozzles every 50.000 miles or so.

If you really need to replace them, try German & Swedish.

A Z3 is not just for Christmas - it's for life!

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